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As automobiles have developed over the past century, so too have the garage doors that protect the vehicles when they are inside. Of the many materials available, aluminum garage doors offers the most flexibility, durability, and cost-effectiveness for homeowners.

What is an Aluminum Garage Door?

Aluminum garage door installed near Vero Beach, FLGarage doors are made from several different materials that range from wood to steel and other metals. Aluminum is a lightweight, durable metal that has many industrial uses. It is well-suited for garage doors thanks to its natural advantages. But it is also quite flexible in terms of how it can be painted to provide the appearance that you desire.

Aluminum also provides for a modern, sleek appearance that is lacking in garage doors made from most other materials. For newer homes, it compliments the latest designs that completes its look. Older homes can benefit as well since an aluminum garage door acts as a face lift, taking years off the appearance of your older property.

Solid or Decorative Glass: Another aspect of aluminum is that decorative glass is an attractive option. You can select from several different designs that augment your garage door. Plus, since aluminum does not oxidize or rust like garage doors made of steel, the frame around the glass will remain solid and durable for many years to come.


The advantages of aluminum garage doors are considerable, especially when accounting for the budget you have put into place.

Insulated: A garage door that is not insulated will let in the heat or cold from the outside which affects your air conditioning or heating bill. If you choose the optional insulated section rails, you can significantly cut down on the transfer process that helps maintain a constant temperature inside the garage.

Low Maintenance: The aluminum is far less vulnerable to rust while still being strong and durable. This means that it can last for years with a minimal amount of maintenance for the moving parts.

Powder Coating: Instead of traditional paints, you can choose from 188 powder coating color combinations to accent your garage door. This means that you can match the color scheme of your home while providing a durable finish that is maintenance-free.

Sealed: One issue with many garage doors is they allow water or air to infiltrate between the sections. Using the bulb seal process, this stops the air or water from leading through the sections which results in a dryer floor and better insulative properties.

With the proper construction methods, an aluminum garage door will last for many years with few issues. This is thanks to the special construction that allows for easy movement of the sections while maintaining proper cohesiveness. In other words, these garage doors will slide along the tracks better and stay together longer thanks to the unique section construction.

A Tech Garage Doors offers complete services when it comes to aluminum garage doors. If you are looking to replace your current garage doors with a material that is lightweight, durable, and offers many color combinations thank to powder coating, then aluminum may be the perfect choice for your home.

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