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While many people never think about their garage doors until something goes wrong, asking a few questions about its longevity, maintenance requirements, and need for repair can save you time, effort, and even money in locating the proper service to address any issues that arise. What follows are some common garage door FAQs that will help you answer some of these questions before service may be needed.

What if My Garage Door Breaks Down in the Middle of the Night?

We offer 24/7 garage door repair services. This means no matter the time of day or night, we will be there to repair the issue.

Can You Fully Repair My Garage Door on the First Visit?

In most cases, yes. We carry a wide range of parts that work with virtually all garage doors. Only in cases of a specialized part or if there is more extensive damage will we need to make a return visit. But we do work diligently to get your garage door functional again on the first visit.

Can You Install a New Garage Door?

Yes, we can. We install a wide range of brands designed to fit your home. Call and find out more about the garage door we can install for you.

Can I Connect My Garage Door Opener to My Smartphone?

If your smartphone allows for such a connection that is available in the garage door opener, then yes you can. This means that your garage door opener will operate off an app that is downloaded to your smartphone. You can activate the app and open or close your garage door instead of using a specific remote control.

If One Section Needs Replacement, Does the Entire Garage Door Need Replacing?

No, you can replace just the one section if needed. It will depend on the damage, but in most cases garage doors that come in sections can be replaced by section instead of the entire door.

Can I Paint My Garage Door?

Yes, you can. A garage door can be painted just like the outside wall of your home. You will need to use the proper paint which means having the owner’s manual handy or consulting with the manual online. Remember that you can powder coat your garage door as well instead of using paint.

What Does R-Value Mean?

The greater the R-value, the better the insulating properties of the garage door. Even if you do not heat or cool your garage, having a garage door with good R-value may help insulate the garage from extreme cold or excessive heat. This means that any exposed pipes can be better protected. Plus, you will not get the shock of walking into extreme temperatures.

Of the many garage door FAQs that are asked, A-Tech Garage Doors provides the answers. Offering the best in maintenance and repair services, you can have a properly maintained garage door that lasts. A-Tech Garage Doors offers prompt, professional, and complete garage door services all for a low, competitive price. Call today and talk to the friendly, courteous staff who will answer your questions, provide information about all their services, and address your needs quickly when it comes to your garage door.

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At A-Tech Garage Door, we know our customer’s rely on us for the time their home will need us the most – during a severe South Florida storm. The responsibility for the safe and the proper operation of the largest single entryway into most homes is something we at A-Tech Garage Door do not take lightly; we’re satisfied when our customers know they can rely on us to help make their homes safe and sound and understand the proper operation of their garage door.

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