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Garage Door Spring Replacement in Port St. Lucie

If you are having trouble opening your garage door by more than a few inches. Or, you heard a loud bang when opening or closing your garage door, then you might need garage door spring replacement. Even with the best of care, the springs that help operate your garage door will experience wear and eventually snap. When that happens, you will need proper repair services to replace the springs, so your garage door will start working again.

What to Do

If the spring snaps, the garage door will become difficult to impossible to move. It is highly recommended that you do not try to operate the garage door either manually or with a remote motor. This is because, without the spring, the door itself can come crashing down causing harm to you or anyone in its path. Plus, a garage door opener is not designed to take the weight of the door itself and you will soon burn out the motor.
Consider that the springs used in garage doors are designed to hold considerable weight and tension over their lifetime.

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Extension & Torsion Springs

You’ll find extension springs on either side of the garage door located alongside the track which guides the door. If this type of spring should break, there is a safety cable inside that prevents the broken spring from slinging out away from the garage door. Without this spring, it becomes quite difficult to move the garage door because the full weight is not being offset by the spring.

Torsion springs are located above the garage door on a horizontal bar. You will see drums attached to either end of the spring. The cables will wrap around the drums when opening and unwind when closing. As with extension springs, the torsion springs provide the energy to lift the door.

When to Replace a Garage Door Spring

If you want to anticipate when a garage door spring will reach the end of its life cycle before snapping, a good rule of thumb is how many times per day is the door operated. Most garage door springs last for 10,000 cycles which means moving it up and down for a full cycle. 10,000 cycles translate to 14 years if you open and close the garage door twice per day.

Call a Professional Garage Door Repair Service

Replacing a spring is something that only a professional technician should do. This is because replacing a garage door spring is dangerous work. Because the spring itself is under enormous tension and designed to hold considerable weight, if it snaps, it can cause considerable harm to anyone nearby.

Replacing a garage door spring requires the proper spring, tools, and knowledge to do the job correctly. A job that is not performed correctly, such as using the wrong spring or not installing it correctly puts you and those who are near the garage door in danger.

If you need garage door spring replacement, A-Tech Garage Doors is here for you. Offering prompt, professional service, A-Tech Garage Doors will quickly replace broken springs, inspect your garage door, and ensure that it is working properly all for a low, competitive price. Call today and find out more about the garage door spring replacement service offered by A-Tech Garage Doors.

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